Wednesday, April 23, 2014

My Friday in New York

My recent trip to New York was a short one, so I tried to jam as much stuff into it as possible! I flew out Friday morning and arrived Friday evening, which left time only for dinner with friends.
My comfy attire for the plane ride (minus my giant hoodie and usual black boots).
Stephanie let me borrow her Dale kigu so that we could match :3
We're inside of Search and Destroy: an awesome thrift shop. I wish I had a ton of time and dough to drop in this place, cause they have a cool variety of things. I got my only souvenir of the trip here actually: a Mickey pin!
A flyer posted on the wall before you enter the shop :p
Had dinner with some of my NY babygurls♥
We went to eat at Kenka, which is practically my new favorite Japanese restaurant. We waited for almost two hours, but it was totally worth it!!
They're an izakaya, so their menu was massive. On the left was what I ordered: oden, squid tentacles, and I forgot what the name was of this item but basically it was beef and potatoes :p ALL OF IT SO WAS YUMMY OMGGGG. I'm so obsessed with oden because of that place.. I've been trying to find all the oden places in Socal x] On the right side is a sixty dollar bottle of sake that my friend got this drunk dude to buy for our table since he touched her head without her permission x]
A couple of my friends got the blueberry booze. I had a sip of it, and oh lordy it was so yummy! I couldn't even taste the alcohol, and that's saying something considering how sensitive I am to the flavor. We joked how the cup kinda looks like LSP haha.

I wish I took more pictures to show off this place. Not only was the food delicious, but the interior was pretty cool too! I mean most of it was what you'd expect from an izakaya I guess (wooden tables and stuff), but near the entrance was a Japanese girl in a uniform sitting down eating.. I thought she was real at first and it totally freaked me out to see she was actually a mannequin haha! And after you're done eating, they give you a cup of sugar so that when you go back outside, you can MAKE YOUR OWN COTTON CANDY WHATTTT. It was fun to make your own dessert, and eat it too! There was also a stand outside where if you put your head in the hole, you were a sumo wrestler. On the backside however, your head would be peeking out of a butt hole xD I took pictures, but I don't think it's very appropriate to post :p
Photo from Tia's phone :3
Although like true hobbits, we had second dessert at Big Gay Ice Cream. Excited to hear that they're going to open up a location in LA too. Their Salty Pimp is actually what turned me on to my salted caramel love the first time I tried it a couple of years ago.
Like a the nerdy tourist that I am I freaked out every time I saw "Gotham" somewhere. This was in our hotel x]
The end of my food-filled Friday! We tried not to stay out too late since we had a big day ahead of us..


  1. you are perfection! and I'm literally going through your blog sitting in my kigu right now <3

    1. You are too sweet! I appreciate the kigu love x] I'm sorry not all of my pictures are available right now though ~__~