Thursday, April 24, 2014

FAO Schwarz x Rilakkuma

Today was the big day: Rilakkuma's first visit to the East Coast!
Photo by San-X
Photo from Stephanie's phone :p
With Yanise, Eric, and Stephanie♥
My snazzy Rilakkuma nail stickers!
Creepiest vending machine in the break room @__@
Sebastian Matsuda was there!
He was being a real ninja sneakin' by everybody there, so we were lucky to be able to snag a photo ("-3-)
On The Big Piano :3 Photo from Stephanie
Too cute!
I was so happy to see so many fashionable cuties show up to the event even though it was raining! You can see their outfit snaps on Eclectic Cutie


  1. so many lovely pics! You look adorable as always *_*

  2. Cute!!! You were lucky to take a photo with sebastian! That rilakuma must have been tiny! Cutest!

    1. I knew it was a rare chance, so I hopped in when I saw Stephanie taking a photo with him x]