Thursday, May 17, 2012

Outfit Snap # 68

I went to go see the midnight screening of Dark Shadows.
My tights were from my work outfit earlier in the day, but I was too lazy to take them off. It didn't look too bad though, so I just left them on :p
beret, heels= Target, thrifted
necklace, dress, tights= F21 (I know I shop there a lot, but wow hhaha)
In case I haven't mentioned it before, why yes..
I have a Christmas stocking on my wall. And no circle lenses for once, wow.
Here's a mini-review for the ring I'm wearing! It's a blue lantern ring from lucie39 on etsy. I wanted a blue lantern ring, but the only thing I can find is either the official ring (which is giant piece of chunky plastic) or fan-made rings that are super-ballin' in sterling silver. 

Lucie39 was the only seller I could find that had a ring that would fit a girl's hand and actually featured the color of the corps (cause while sterling silver is very nice, I wanted to see the color). I hope you can see on the photo how the ring just seems to radiate, thanks to the glass cabochon. 

I also only ordered just this one ring, but Lori also gave me a green lantern ring for free (which you can see in this previous post). I thought it was a mistake at first so I messaged her to confirm, and she said that she likes to throw in freebies whenever she could. That was a pleasant surprise, and made my ten bucks even more worth it. I really love the rings♥


  1. I love this outfit! The hair and dress and everything is so perfect <3

  2. That's so sweet that she tossed in an extra ring! And how was Dark Shadows? I really want to go see it!

    1. I was so surprised and happy! I love both of the rings :D Dark Shadows was lacking in storytelling and.. uh.. how to say it.. the characters were kinda one-dimensional? But it was still entertaining, and I was floored by the costume design!

  3. I really love how you have that braid there! That's awesome how she threw in a freebie!
    I don't know if you remember, but my name's Marie and we met at the hunger games premiere. Sorry I was so akward! I haven't had the chance to read your blog since last summer because of school. I don't get to do much blogging at all during school, but I do plan it get back into it this summer.
    Thank you for taking our picture and Im looking forward to catching up on all your posts I missed!

    1. I'm kind of obsessed with wearing a braid like that haha. Yeah, I'm so happy about the freebie!

      Of course I remember you! I'm awkward too, so it's okay :p Yay welcome back to the world of blogging, and I hope you like my posts! They've been nerdier than usual haha.

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you! I'm obsessed with both right now x]