Sunday, March 18, 2012

Wondercon Purchases♥

Normally I don't ever share new things that I buy, but I couldn't resist this time *u* I didn't buy much, but each piece is packin♥ 
Ignore the black line.. I had to shorten it since my wall is weird haha.
A 8-bit Final Fantasy black mage light switch cover from 8bitbytes, who I found in the Artist Alley! She has so many different designs, and they were all pretty affordable too (mine was only five bucks). My favorite FF character is Vivi, so of course I had to get this♥ I also have a weak-spot for 8-bit haha.
Spiderman ring from 1928. They had so much cute jewelry for men and women at their booth, but I don't know why it's not all uploaded in their website yet.. But anyway like most of my nerdy loves I grew up watching the cartoons, and now they've been reborn back into my live via comic books and movies. Spiderman is one of those loves from my childhood♥
See a close-up picture of the ring here.
The one ring of power from Badali Jewelry, who has licensing rights to make Lotr accessories. They're coming out with new designs for The Hobbit too!! I've been wanting this ring for a long time now, and I finally got it♥
+1 men's tshirt 8D
Blue Lantern shirt from Graphitti Designs. Because if a ring chose me, it would come from the Blue Lantern Corps♥

That's all I got, but I love everything! I'll be recapping this event soon :)


  1. lol holy shit Julie we bought similar items. I got an orange lantern ring and a mega man sprite from 8bitbytes. You have good taste. xD Will make a post soon. Glad I got to see youuuuu

    1. AHH do you remember where you got the orange lantern ring? I was looking for rings too xD Great minds♥ Can't wait to see your post too!! I'm glad I got to see you too.. especially in that dress, yowzaaaa!!

    2. I asked at the D*C booth and they had sold out already by Saturday! I was shocked. I ended up finding it mixed in with a bunch of green lantern movie pins at one of those vintage toy booths.

  2. I'm envying your one ring to rule them all right now! I love LOTR, so I'll have to look into getting one for myself. :3

    1. You most definitely gotta get one then! It's sooooo pretty :Q Plus the cool thing about it is if it gets chipped or anything, you can send it in for a new replacement! Only gotta pay for shipping.. that's pretty nice, I think :3