Monday, March 19, 2012


Onch Movement had an event over at Royal-T!
I came out on opening night to see what was going on.
Unicorn *u*
Pop-up store!
Lolita models with a teapot bed and plenty of desserts♥
I couldn't resist the desserts either!
Although there was a ton of meat on the other side..
Just some of the necklaces inside of the pop-up store.
Looks like it would be a cute and colorful movie :p
Some necklaces on display. Some of the designs are more elaborate than usual.
Us with Onch and the unicorn♥
Best way to end the night: desserts in bed ;D


  1. I love all the decorations that went into this event and the photo of you with Onch! :D

    1. It makes me realize that there was a lot of fake food everywhere x] Thanks!!