Monday, February 27, 2012

Funky Formal

Our friend invited a bunch of us over for an extravagant feast! The theme was "funky formal," although for some reason I thought it was tacky prom.. I think my outfit works either way x]
I didn't have any suitable dresses, so I decided to dress like a boy instead.
I love that Stephiee is photobombing♥
Shoulder cats are the new corsages~
I think it's safe to say that my look is inspired by Michael Jackson and Colonel Sanders 8D
For tons more photos & an actual event recap, see Stephiee's post here!


  1. You are amazing xD!

    I bet you have a wonderful personality :), in every outfit we can see some aspect of you.

    I sincerly wish I could meet you someday.

    1. Haha thanks Nadia!! I hope we can meet someday too♥

  2. :D I love your outfit coordination!
    That's so crazy, I was just randomly browsing blogspots and I found yours!