Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Nurse Joker on the Loose!

Here are pictures of me and other Gotham citizens from Comikaze Expo~
A closet cosplay of Joker as a nurse as seen in The Dark Knight. Obviously not 100% accurate :p The only things I had to go out and buy was the make-up, hair dye, and shoes. I found the image for my badge online and just printed it out. A pretty quick and painless outfit to assemble!
With The Riddler and Harley (Arkham Asylum)
With Catwoman and Batgirl
creepin on Batman 8D
Not from Gotham, but argghhh I forgot their names! Please remind me if you know ;3;
My friend later on joined me as my Nurse Harley♥
Here we are with the Kreepsville 666 shop guy. I came back to this booth 3 times.. I've been a big fan ever since I found out about them a couple of years ago. So much wanttttt!!!
Picture taken by popculturegeek, although I edited it.
Later that night, I went to an art gallery opening with the theme of Kamen Rider. More to come from this show, as well as the rest of Comikaze!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Outfit Snap # 43

beret= cart vendor
biker jacket, boots= H&M, Dr. Martens
dress, bow on beret, socks= Metamorphose
bag, thigh highs= Sex Pot Revenge, Leg Avenue
Before going to Disneyland for my friend's birthday, I took my sister out to fooding.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Pixels Are Sexy

iam8bit had a ultra special show which they called iamsuper8bit.
Basically, a crazycool art show for the video game nerds 8D

I'm just gonna share some that were my favorite.. there were tons more artwork! And of course, the quality of my pictures aren't too good since I went on opening night (a.k.a. insane crowds) and the lighting wasn't ideal (for my picture-taking at least :p). Enjoy anyway!!
I loved this series of art! It's so cute and sad haha.
The eyes actually were lit up!
I'm so sad this came out blurry! I think it was a real turtle too.
They had HUGE set-up of Galaga! You played on the arcade cabinet, and it was projected on the wall for everybody to see. For size comparison.. I think the white/red buttons on the floor were larger than my foot haha.
My friend and I were so short that we had to be on our tip-toes.
Thus covering up our funny faces haha. We couldn't stop laughing!
They had a mix and match thingy outside!
There were other characters, but I only remember Sonic and Blanca.

We had to wait an hour or so, but I'd say it was worth it♥

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Come to Sweet Streets♥

Ahh what a crazy week it's been! I'm sorry for the lack of updates, but events keep happeningggg. At least that means more posts in the future :3

Here's another event that's happening tonight:

website here♥

preview of store goods from Chubby Bunny
Here is the facebook event page with more information
And another preview post by Chubby Bunny♥♥

I'll be helping out in the shop, so stop by and say hello!
I also just realized I never posted about the previous Sweet Street events, so those are coming for sure! From past experience, the events have always been super cute, from the artwork to the fashion to the attendees.. if you enjoy the cute side of alternative Japanese street fashion, you most definitely gotta come check it out!

And if you're still on the mood for shopping on Sunday:
Facebook event page here

It's being hosted by 3 of my way fashionable buddies, so I'm sure they're gonna bring out some awesome things *u*

I'm scared for my wallet this weekend @___@

Monday, November 14, 2011

Modeling for Candy Violet

I wasn't supposed to model, but they asked me since they needed somebody!
When they saw this dress, they thought, "Julie should model this!"
I'm so happy they paired me up with this dress.. it's gorgeoussss.
It's really different from when I wear sweet or gothic lolita.. it gave me a renewed feeling, as if I was wearing lolita for the first time again!
The fashion show coordinators also made me go without my usual amount of eyeliner.. I felt so naked @__@
I found these pictures of myself modeling, which were taken by j9isawesome! Check out the post she made on the rest of the fashion show, cause she took some nice pictures.

It was my first time on a runway, so I was freaked out. I kept rehearsing right up until we had to line up, because I was so scared of messing up. Modeling is tough! Walking and posing is a lot harder than it seems haha. But it was a great experience to model for Candy Violet

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Outfit Snap # 42

did errands
eyeball hairbows, eyeball bag= Kreepsville 666
necklace, star clips= Peace Now, Bonjour Honey
shirt, cardigan, dress= Target, from Grandma, handmade
legwarmers, tights, shoes= present, Top Shop, T.U.K.

Only 3 washings and my hair is almost completely faded :(

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Outfit Snap # 41

went to see a movie
horn tiara= Vivienne Westwood
top, short skirt= F21
pencil skirt= L.A.M.B.
tights [cuban heels]= Elsewhere Vintage
ring, heels= H&M, American Eagle
X-Men patch= handmade

Friday, November 11, 2011

Locketship Party♥

See you there tomorrow!
If you don't know about Locketship, check out their cute jewelry here!
Bonus points for having the party at a comic book store (*u*)!!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Popping, Painted Walls

Upstairs from this exhibit was this one!
The wall on the left isn't part of this collection, but still cool.
Outfit snap~
Also good size comparison to see how large the walls are, although some walls were even bigger!
My fave♥

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Outfit Snap # 40

After wearing this outfit, I changed into this one to go eat KBBQ~
pink bow= Chocomint
bear kigu, HK bag= handmade, Sanrio
shoes, socks= Angelic Pretty
landyard= borrowed from friend to go her car to get changed!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

HP Art Gallery: Opening Night

Line to get inside was INSANE. I've neverrrr seen the line this long before, and this picture only shows about.. maybe 1/4 of the people waiting??
What a clever way to tell us we can't park here :<
Outfit snap with my Elder wand!
You get to pick an awesome stamp when you gain entry.
The snake head's direction is supposed to be the other way, but it's still cool.
What was left of the Butterbeer ;3;
Luckily my friend got one of the last cups, and she generously shared with all of us<3
I was too scared to try too many, but I did get a taste of centipede ;3;
This is harder than it looks!
It was one of those booths where the air inside shuffles around all of the paper.. kind of like those game shows where you gotta catch the money haha. I don't think I even caught the minimum for the smallest prize, but the girl let me have it anyway.. which was the bag of jellybeans :p
Display of some things for sale.
Statue of Lucius Malfoy by the photobooth.
Crowded as heck.. at Gallery Nucleus, in case you don't remember.
We were one of the last ones to leave, so that's why it looks so empty!
It's funny cause when you stand at a certain part of the room, it looks like he's staring and pointing his wand at you x]

Go back to this post to see some of the artwork!
It was a really cool event, despite the crazy wait and crowd.