Sunday, November 20, 2011

Pixels Are Sexy

iam8bit had a ultra special show which they called iamsuper8bit.
Basically, a crazycool art show for the video game nerds 8D

I'm just gonna share some that were my favorite.. there were tons more artwork! And of course, the quality of my pictures aren't too good since I went on opening night (a.k.a. insane crowds) and the lighting wasn't ideal (for my picture-taking at least :p). Enjoy anyway!!
I loved this series of art! It's so cute and sad haha.
The eyes actually were lit up!
I'm so sad this came out blurry! I think it was a real turtle too.
They had HUGE set-up of Galaga! You played on the arcade cabinet, and it was projected on the wall for everybody to see. For size comparison.. I think the white/red buttons on the floor were larger than my foot haha.
My friend and I were so short that we had to be on our tip-toes.
Thus covering up our funny faces haha. We couldn't stop laughing!
They had a mix and match thingy outside!
There were other characters, but I only remember Sonic and Blanca.

We had to wait an hour or so, but I'd say it was worth it♥


  1. So awesome. I love video game art. The Kirby one is my favourite. :D

  2. This exibition seems very cool, I love videogame art too :)

  3. You always find the coolest art galleries in LA! I want to visit all of the ones you've featured!

  4. Aw that rockman looks so sad. And that bomb with glowing eyes is cute.

  5. i love this show!! i think i recongize some of the artists in here

  6. Katherine Tealeaf, me too! The Kirby one was made of paper cut-outs, if I remember correctly :3

    Sonia, it was awesome to see! Totally worth the crazy wait and parking x]

    Audrey (hkittygirl), aww too bad I always seem to post them after they're over @__@ I kinda go to the same galleries over and over though :p

    Ojousama, yeah x] sad and cute haha

    rikit, that's so awesome! I wanna go to one of your shows one day :D