Thursday, January 22, 2015

I am Alive Beep Boop

Oh hello.. it's been forever! I'm sure it's no surprise by now that I'm always meaning to update my blog, but than never find the time. But to have my last update be from last October!! Crazy. I can say that 2014 might as well have been the worst year of my life? Maybe? Not to say there weren't any good moments, cause there were. To be more accurate, perhaps it was the most rollercoaster-y year of my life. It's not over, but things are getting better? Hopefully, I don't know.

One poopy thing that happened in October was that I broke my camera!! I don't know what was going through my head, but I was trying to stuff my camera back into my pocket BEFORE it completely shut off, so now the lens is permanently broken ;3; The cost to fix it.. well, might as well buy a new camera, but I haven't gotten around to that yet.

I also decided that this year I'm going to treat myself to a new computer! The computers I've had the past were throwaway ones that I have been given. I'm very grateful for the free computers, but they're ancient and crash a lot @__@ Sometimes when I would try to update my blog, the computer would randomly decide to shut down, which is frustrating and obviously makes doing anything on the computer uneasy. Not sure when and what kind I'll get yet, but it's gonna happen some time this year I'm hoping @__@ Plus it would be nice to have a computer that's up to speed, so editing photos won't be such a pain! I usually edit my photos when I'm at school now since their computers are top notch, but I can only do that while school is in session, when I have time, and aren't occupied with homework.

That being said, here are a bunch of old photos! Although I guess a lot of photos I'll be updating will be old, since I haven't even updated about Anime Expo of last year yet x]
A photo I forgot to post from our Vegas trip.
Two random necklaces I bought. L and R.
I haven't played Animal Crossing in a while, but I have funny neighbors x]
Omg I asked AP SF to draw cats on my package, and this is what they sent me! It's so darling ;3; Apparently they do that for a lot of packages.. I didn't even know that! It's so cute♥
Now this photo is like two years old I think?? I totally forgot to upload this one sooner! And why am I just noticing now that my top is unbuttoned.. x___x
Here is a hair update! I think the last time I updated, my hair was still that pinkish-red color. The top two photos are from the same day, so I did the same pose on purpose. As for the bottom two photos, they were on totally different days with a couple of weeks in between haha! Same pose forever x__x I had yellow for a little while, but that one faded pretty fast and was never that vibrant after the first couple of washes. I still have orange hair, although my roots are like 2-3 inches long now, and the orange is like a very faded pastel orange? I can't wait to get my roots bleached with a fresh wave of orange!
I hate it when comics do this cause I just HAVE TO buy the variant @__@
Gotta admit it looks good though haha.

I think this is from two years ago too. I wish I could paint my nails all crazy cute, but my work doesn't allow it ;3;
I didn't know which photo I liked better, so you get to see both!
Also a while back, the post office had these. I grabbed a bunch since they're free, even though I don't mail things out too often x_x But the next time I do, the lucky recipient will get it in an awesome box ;D Maybe I'll use them for future giveaways? I still have a bagful of things I want to give away, but haven't had the time to post about yet :x
A bunch of random outfits. It's kinda strange looking back at old photos of myself. Also the hair where I styled on the bottom left? I was never able to achieve that look again @__@ I did it with the ol' damp hair+bobby pin technique, but I don't call the details. I tried big curls, little curls.. nada.
I also got my first tattoo! It hurt like a bitch, but I'm already thinking about getting more @__@

And that concludes my little update! I also gotta add that I've been updating Instagram more frequently just because it's so fast and easy. It's aliendoll if you're interested!

Until next time! [which hopefully won't be another year :p]

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Spreading the Rila-love

Do you guys remember the Rilakkuma dress I made a couple of years ago?
Clar P. of Otageki liked it so much that she made one for herself too! It was kinda crazy when I came upon this photo, cause it was totally unexpected. It's flattering that she liked my design so much that she copied it, but I would have loved to see her own take on it. She did it for a private shoot and gave me permission to share this photo with you all though, so you could also enjoy the cuteness. Man, look at her dreamy Rilakkuma army *_*
When I asked her about it, Clar told me that she actually was inspired by the shoot that I styled with RinRin as the model and Irene as the photographer [which explains why why her outfit looks so similar to the one I styled].

I'm not really sure why I never shared the photos from the shoot we did.. maybe I will in a future post, cause Irene took some really nice ones! You can see some the photos on her deviantART account if you search in her gallery though.

And since we're on the topic of Rilakkuma, I wanted to announce that I'll be coming back to visit NYC with him! Click here to see the Facebook event page. I also randomly checked San-X's Instagram and was surprised to find my picture there haha. Anyway, I hope my East Coast readers can come to the event and say hi :D

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Licensing Expo: Day Three

Last day was sweet, short, and lazy.. dress-wise at least: kigus!!!
Stephanie had the leave, so it was just us four!
mMmMm, donuts :Q
I know that feel, Korilakkuma :(
Final photo of the trip of us with the San-X staff. I like how even in normal clothing, Ari and Chau are opposites haha.

See pictures from the first day here, the second day here, and the second part of the second day here.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Lolitas in Vegas: After Hours

We were supposed to dine with some local lolitas, but our work day ran later than we thought [plus we got lost ;3;], so we ate somewhere else and planned to meet with them afterwards.
Whenever I'm hungry and waiting for my food I always chant, "Where's my burrito? Where's my burrito?" Nobody ever gets it haha.
Kim! Ari was sitting next to me, but she was tired haha.
I forgot what restaurant we went to, but the interior totally reminded me of Disney World since they have so many themed restaurants there. And I guess it also reminds me of Vega's Caesar's Palace haha. Pictured above are my doodles on the table, cause I always gotta ask for crayons if the tablecloth is made of paper hahah.
Kim did a bunch of cute Mickey balloons.
Silly poses with the Vegas lolitas :)
I was so worried that they'd be mad at us for coming so late, but they all surprised me with their sweetness! Everyone was so nice and cute.. I wish we had more time to hang out ;3;
Some girls had to leave, but the rest of us went to a karaoke bar! Unfortunately the machine wasn't really cooperating with us, so we left after an hour+ of waiting for it to be fixed. I was super shocked and amused to see that book placed right out in the open xD
We went outside to say our goodbyes.. bye bye Arby!!
Bye bye Julisa!!
Next we went to check out a bar that was on Ari's list. It was our only free night, so that's why we went there right after the meet-up @__@
It was a dive bar called Double Down, and I had so much fun! I was kinda nervous about going in there in lolita, but it's Vegas and whatever. It wasn't super empty, but just enough people considering it was a random week day. Some people were curious about our outfits, but we didn't get harassed or anything. I remember hearing there were pinball machines there, but turns out there was only one [Playboy]. But I ended up getting treated to a free game thanks to the awesome bartender! A guy we were talking to also treated us to the bar's infamous drink: Ass Juice. Basically it's a mixture of all of the drinks being made that day, so it's always different! You can even buy a toilet bowl cup to drink out of too [which I plan to do the next time we go haha]. In the picture above, I dragged Ari and Kim over for a free pool game that I was invited to, so it was me and another random guy vs them. Despite it being Ari's first time ever playing pool and all of the drinks she had, she was doing SUPER well! They were winning at first, but somehow in the end I magically made some crazy shots and won us the game :3 I also heard the DJ play Oingo Boingo's Little Girls, which was maybe inspired by our attire??
My purse is [accidentally] upside down, which I guess matches the phrase hahah.
See pictures from the first day here and the second day here.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Licensing Expo: Day Two

I think this was the first time I wore this dress since I got it!
Lolita day~
With my Korilakkuma, Stephanie! Love the hot pink :D
OG bear babies ;u;
I told him I wanted to eat lasagna with him :p
With the one and only, Grumpy Cat!! There goes one of my life goals :3
I just realized I posted three cats in a row..
Us with some wrestler dudes.. sorry, I only know of Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock hahah.
I don't listen to Miku, but she's cute :p
I'll end this post with a rare photo of me sorta smiling.. caught by Stephanie.
Click here for photos from day one!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Hypno Cat Adventures

Two different days where I wore the same sweater :p
First was a trip to Disneyland!
My friend drew this doodle of me when we were eating dinner.. so cute!
bathroom break haha
I actually didn't really take too many pictures that day.
Next was the 2nd anniversary party for Fairytale Boutique!
I surprisingly won during the group rock-paper-scissors game! I usually lose within the first two rounds, so I was shocked each time I kept advancing. Eventually it was just me and one other person.. I was so nervous! Luck was on my side, and I won for the first time.
Met my fellow galaxxxy girl Avina for the first time! She's so darling :3
Also met Cimone too! I love that they took turns photobombing x]
Also photo from Dania :p

Haha so many selfies! But you can see all of the outfit snaps from the event at Eclectic Cutie
Lastly, some dinner with my ladies :3

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Licensing Expo: Day One

The Licensing Expo is a business-centered convention all about licenses of brands, etc. I came with San-X again!
T-Rex welcomes all.
San-X always has the cutest displays!
My friends and I! A.k.a. the Rilakkuma girls haha.
That day's theme was the Rilakkuma clothes from Japan LA Clothing :)
Power Rangers, assemble!
Ugly Doll x Batman
So cool! I wish I could have taken one next to it, but it was only those with meetings. I just saw it in theaters too, since they're having special 30th anniversary showings. Now whenever I see somebody with a tan uniform, I mistake them for a Ghostbuster x]
Michelle Romo [left] is the one behind Crowded Teeth! So much cute stuff in her booth ;3; They're also wearing their collab items from Japan LA Clothing.
Cannot resist.
Cutie baby Lassie! She was so well-behaved.
My babiessss! Did you guys know there's another Spongebob movie coming out to theaters?
I'm beyond excited for it. I CAN'T WAITTTTTTTTTTT. I feel like the only one who is though haha.
MmMmm, donuts.. :Q
That's it for the first day!