Monday, September 15, 2014

Hypno Cat Adventures

Two different days where I wore the same sweater :p
First was a trip to Disneyland!
My friend drew this doodle of me when we were eating dinner.. so cute!
bathroom break haha
I actually didn't really take too many pictures that day.
Next was the 2nd anniversary party for Fairytale Boutique!
I surprisingly won during the group rock-paper-scissors game! I usually lose within the first two rounds, so I was shocked each time I kept advancing. Eventually it was just me and one other person.. I was so nervous! Luck was on my side, and I won for the first time.
Met my fellow galaxxxy girl Avina for the first time! She's so darling :3
Also met Cimone too! I love that they took turns photobombing x]
Also photo from Dania :p

Haha so many selfies! But you can see all of the outfit snaps from the event at Eclectic Cutie
Lastly, some dinner with my ladies :3

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Licensing Expo: Day One

The Licensing Expo is a business-centered convention all about licenses of brands, etc. I came with San-X again!
T-Rex welcomes all.
San-X always has the cutest displays!
My friends and I! A.k.a. the Rilakkuma girls haha.
That day's theme was the Rilakkuma clothes from Japan LA Clothing :)
Power Rangers, assemble!
Ugly Doll x Batman
So cool! I wish I could have taken one next to it, but it was only those with meetings. I just saw it in theaters too, since they're having special 30th anniversary showings. Now whenever I see somebody with a tan uniform, I mistake them for a Ghostbuster x]
Michelle Romo [left] is the one behind Crowded Teeth! So much cute stuff in her booth ;3; They're also wearing their collab items from Japan LA Clothing.
Cannot resist.
Cutie baby Lassie! She was so well-behaved.
My babiessss! Did you guys know there's another Spongebob movie coming out to theaters?
I'm beyond excited for it. I CAN'T WAITTTTTTTTTTT. I feel like the only one who is though haha.
MmMmm, donuts.. :Q
That's it for the first day!

Monday, September 8, 2014

My First Time "at" E3

My friend Caroline was going to ghost E3, so I tagged along with her! We mainly wanted to go to check out the free stuff and get streetpasses haha.
Gonna catch you! 
Me and Caroline in the Sunset Overdrive bus. It was decorated inside with bright pop colors, so we kinda sat and chilled in there for a little bit. It was pretty hot outside, so it was nice to relax inside. They were playing the trailer for the game and gave us energy drinks too.

Nearby there was a tent giving out free turkey legs.. I forgot what game it was, but it was yummy! No pictures since I was too busy eating :x
At one point, we made it inside. Honestly, we got really lucky cause security is supposed to check for badges upon entry, but for some reason they didn't question us when we walked in. We didn't try to go back in later in the day though haha. So get ready for a bunch of random photos with a bunch of games :p

For those who don't know, this is inside the convention building, but not actually inside the convention itself [hope that made sense].
There was another photo opportunity where you could sit in what kinda looked like a military speeder bike from Star Wars, but you had to scan your badge to do it.
Yay for more free food+drinks!
You just had to register online prior to entering this area, which was right across the street from the convention center. The name
I ended my night at a barcade, but I wanted boba so we went here for drinks instead. Found the perfect sign to match me :p

So my experience at E3? It's not really made to be the kind of event like Comic Con where there's tons of cool free things to do and see even if you don't have a badge, but Caroline and I managed to find as much as we could and enjoy it all! I wouldn't really recommended anybody to go out of their way for it, but we had fun :p Just don't expect too much haha.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Mutant and Proud

I went to Disneyland to celebrate my friend's birthday, but that evening I was also going to the midnight screening of X-Men: Days of Future Past. All the smaller pictures were taken from my friends, and everything is also kinda out of order since I don't remember anymore haha.
You can't really tell, but my hair is in little pigtails :p
The girls together in the morning :3
My first time may also be my last..
We were lucky enough to score seats in the Lilly Belle! For those who don't know, it's a special presidential train car that was originally built for VIP guests. One of the first people to ever ride it was actually the Japanese Emperor Hirohito and his wife Empress Nagako! But the car I'm actually in is a reproduction of the original haha. But now this car is no longer open to the public, and you can only ride this train if you are a Club 33 member [from what I know]. So my friends and I had great timing, cause I think they changed the rules only a month or so after we went @__@
Us in Cars Land!
She's sucha cutie!
I'm also in the ball of bones :p If it looks familiar, it's because it's from one of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.
waiting to see the Maleficent movie preview
Last picture I took before I left.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Spiderman at Disneyland

So I dressed up in all my Spidey stuff and went to Disneyland to take pictures with Thor and Captain America by myself.. umm.. yep.
Yeah, I get autographs :p
Totally unsure of his actual pose, so I did whatever haha.
The queue for Captain America. It's similar to the museum as seen in The Winter Soldier.
I feel kinda embarrassed, but at the same time I don't give a fork. Maybe a spork though.
Then at another place that wasn''t Disney, I got a tower of donuts :3

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Fly in the Sky with Hello Kitty

Sanrio invited me to check out the Hello Kitty themed airplane.
Lots of decorations on the way there! I didn't share everything though cause there's so much haha. Mostly it was the hallways decorated with posters and such, but it really added to the excitement and cuteness.
The plane is here! We didn't get to fly on it, but we did get to board and explore :p If I remember correctly, it flies from LA to Taiwan to Japan. And you cannot request it.. it's basically like the lottery if you get put on it or not @__@
There were complimentary appetizers and drinks *__* All so yummy!
In the top photo, they had a dance performance that kinda reminded me of Disney shows at the park. You could take pictures with various characters too. The bottom photo is of Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel coming off from the plane.
With some friends♥
I wanted to take a photo with Yoshiki, but he was busy recording Kitty Mama as she was drawing. I didn't mind so much though, since I've already done so before in 2009 and again in 2010 hehe :p
It was finally my turn to board! All of the flight attendants looked like models *__*
airplane monster :p
They had Hello Kitty everything.. napkins, toilet paper, pamphlets.. even barf bags!
I had to sit in front class for once in my life.. even if it was only for a couple of minutes haha.
So much cute!
Even the meals were decked out in Hello Kitty's image *__*
With Melissa and Ari♥
They were doing free nail art too! Look at all of the cute options ;3; It would take forever for a full set though, so it was one nail per person [not that I'm complaining, cause dang they're cute]. There were some Sanrio artists there doing free sketches too, but I didn't have enough time to wait in that line.
What me and some of my friends got! I chose the Strawberry King :)
It was so neat being able to watch the nail artist do her thang.. so much talent! It was very inspiring too.
The top photo is the badge I got when I checked in [group two was referring to boarding times] and a cute, red bow [which I wore recently during the Mini Disneyland Lolita Day]. The bottom was swag I was lucky enough to get since it was supposed to be only for media, but they had some extra leftover yayyy: a tote, Minna no Tabo stationary set, a Dear Daniel keychain, and a model of the airplane!

It was such a fun and cute event.. Sanrio always knows how to bring it! And speaking of which, they're planning the first ever official Hello Kitty Con this October; how exciting! Are you gonna go?