Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Strawberries & Unicorns

Fairytale Boutique had another fun, themed event. I was originally going to be a cute strawberry, but in the end decided to be a gothic unicorn. Funny enough, the horn is from my Lady Rainicorn outfit, and I didn't realize I kinda did a Rule 63 Lord Monochromicorn until somebody at the party pointed it out to me haha.
Photo by Zekie Cho
This darling lolita took a picture of us together on her Polaroid :3
I met these two colorful cuties there that incorporated both the strawberry and unicorn theme!
You can see all the outfit snaps of the fashionable attendees at Eclectic Cutie

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Buncha Outfits [part two!]

Feel free to ask where I got something!
I was gonna go to my friend's nerdy Galentine's event, but I ended up not being able to go. Instead I went to school to do lab work ;3;
Close-up of my hair bows :3 If you wanted to see a close-up of my other accessories, I've already posted it before here.
I impulsively cut my bangs super short. I was growing them out for a long time, but whatever!

Went to work.
Went to school to do lab work.
Did some errands.
It's weird looking at this picture cause my hair is so faded now x]
Went to a streetpass miit-up.
Detail snap of my pins. 
Went to Dapper Day. I think my mirror was tilted cause this is such a weird angle haha.
I don't really have any vintage dresses, so I just wore one from Metamorphose. I took off the heart bib to make it look more elegant.. not too shabby!

You can see the outfit snaps I took on that day over at Eclectic Cutie. So many fashionable people *__*
Went to school.
Not sure where I'm looking haha. My hair is way more faded now @__@
Went to the grand opening of EightyTwo.
Which was awesome by the way! It's a barcade that just opened near Little Tokyo. I forgot how long I waited in line [around 1-2 hours], but once I got inside there were barely any lines for the games. One side has the bar along with arcade games, the middle is an outdoors area to hang out and smoke, and the other side has pinball machines. I wish I took some pictures of the venue to show you guys but it was kinda crazycrowded, and I was more focused on playing games haha. They were decently priced too. I literally played all of the pinball machines x] I didn't try any of the drinks cause I'd rather spend the money on games.. but maybe some time in the future. I heard they have game-themed ones :p I'll definitely be back!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Buncha Outfits

Some outfits from earlier this year! Feel free to ask if you want to know where I got something in particular :p
I forgot what movie I went to see.. but I think it was Saving Mr. Banks?
Went to Knott's Berry Farm.
Went to work.
Went to work.
Went to Frequency
Went to work.
I finally watched Episodes 4-6, and it turned me into Yoda.
Or not :p After my blonde wig phase, this hairstyle is one of my faves to do. Although my hair gets all funky after I take out the ties haha.
Went to see a cover band of The Cure called The Curse.
Hung out in LA with my babe♥
Went to work.
Went to work. Ahh wish I fixed that wrinkle in my top created from my necklaces before I took the photo @__@
I haven't been able to get anybody to take my outfit snaps lately, so they're all ghetto mirror snaps x_x

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Rilakkuma Comes to New York (me too!)

Ahh here I go again with my lack of posts! Sorry about that, but life has been very unpredictable for me lately. Good, bad, and exciting things!

And this is one of them:
Rilakkuma is coming to New York for the first time! You can take pictures with him at FAO Schwarz. I will also be there giving away pins/buttons and stickers :D

I won't really have much free time when I'm back in NY, but I'm excited and happy to return nevertheless! Rilakkuma is going to be there from 1PM - 4PM, but I'll be there giving away goodies from 10AM - 5PM.

Please feel free to come and say hi! I hope to see you there♥

Thursday, March 13, 2014

My Big Fat Geek Wedding: Part One

Have you guys seen Syfy's My Big Fat Geek Wedding? It was my friend Mandie's wedding :D

Syfy is a television channel that gears toward "imagination-based entertainment." Or in my head, cool, nerdy things :p I was so honored to be invited to the best wedding ever! But before I get to that post (which might be a while, cause I still have to sort through and edit photos), here are some pictures from the surprise party.

It was held at a venue that had everything! Karaoke, an arcade, pool, bowling, and other things I'm forgetting. We all dressed up in our nerdy gear.
My Spiderman outfit♥
Close-ups of my pins and rings. I made my heart conversation bubble pin and my dress.
Chrissa and Jon in their matching Batman outfits.
If Jon's shirt looks familiar, it's because I have it too x] 
Hayden and Bebe in their Slytherin uniforms :)
That was only some of us! I wish I could have taken pictures of everybody, but there wasn't really any time for that :(

If you watched the episode, you know what happened :P Basically after Julian (the groom) went sword shopping and both he and Mandie did some cake tasting, they were surprised with this get-together with all of their friends! And little did Julian know that his best [wo]man flew in early from New York as an extra surprise. Everyone had fun munching, playing games in the arcade, and bowling (where I learned I have anxiety with letting the ball go. Also broke my nails booo).
Me and Mandie♥ She thinks she looks tired here, but I don't see it??
Hope you guys are able to see the episode! It gave me so many feels♥

Monday, March 10, 2014

L.A. Fun

Oy.. this was from the beginning of January!
I hung out with my sister all day in L.A. :)
These stairs would play a note as you walked on them! So cooool :D
Do you mind..
"Maybe he won't see me if I crouch down a little.."
I get compared to them a lot [face-wise], which I don't mind cause they're awesome♥
I just realized that this is the second "magical" piano I played on that day! When you play the piano, the keys would trigger different areas of the music sheets to light up.
My first time at The Last Bookstore.
Small area of the $1 section. 
.. and then I realized I went through the wrong way haha.
If you look on the right side of the previous picture, that curved pile of books is from this tunnel. You can't really see her, but my sister's head is in between the two ladies x]
I'm reading about FUTURE POWER 8D
The end!

Friday, February 28, 2014

Surviving the Wilderness (not really)

I don't really have too much winter apparel, so when we went up to the mountains for the Elsa photo shoot, I planned to wear mostly kigus haha.
Jen in normal gear :p
The first day that we arrived there, we scouted some areas for the shoot for the following day. Also did some exploring of the local shops when we were done. This dinosaur was on a lease tied to the gate haha!
The biggest rice krispie treat I've ever seen in person. When we visited the next day, it was gone.
Yay photo shoot day! I borrowed my dad's rain boots, so they were kinda big and awkward. At least my feet stayed pretty dry :p
I kind of fell down a lot throughout the day haha. Did not enjoy the bumps and bruises ;3;
Yes.. I was thinking about X-Men :x
At the end of the shoot, I changed into my Rilakkuma kigu since it was cleaner :p Plus I was kinda too warm from the fleece kigu since we had been hiking up and down the mountain.
I'm just a little bear in the woods..
Where we ate before the drive homeeee.
This was in Big Bear! I had never been there before, so it was a treat to see SO MANY BEARS EVERYWHERE! Not real ones though.. mostly wooden statues set up in front of buildings and houses. I actually wanted to take a nap, but I couldn't because I kept wanting to look at all the bears @__@ (They're my favorite animal!)

That's the end of our weekend adventure in the "snow!" I got some amazing fudge and ostrich jerky, which were both yummy. We hope to try this shoot again when there's more snow.. hopefully with Anna too :)